What is the A.B.I.T Community Development Group

Achieve | Believe | Inspire | Teach

Mission Statement

Our mission is to break down the barriers that keep us bounded. By Empowering our youth to rise above any circumstance and become respectful, responsible and contributing citizens in the community.


Our Vision is to be a rainbow 🌈 in someone’s cloud. We aim to keep our youth positive and focused on their goals. So they can break cycles and bring change into the communities of today.

Meet the Founder

The Founder and Executive Director of A.B.I.T. Community Development Group is Cierra Jenkins. Born into an impoverished home and raised in foster care in Orangeburg County, SC, Cierra found it very challenging to identify her support system. At the age of 15, Cierra gave birth to her first child and was left to raise her younger sister.  “I felt that I did not have help, guidance, or love from anyone,” recalls Cierra.
Through prayer and strength, Cierra is now in a much happier place in her life and is committed to encouraging girls who are striving to overcome similar experiences. She is the mother of four beautiful and intelligent children.

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